What to expect when you come in...

In a therapy session, at first, we will spend some time getting acquainted. I will want to hear about what issues bring you in, about your current and past symptoms, some about your family history, and what has worked for you and what hasn't worked so well. I'd like to hear what other help you have already gotten in the past.


Once we have clearly identified the issues, we will make plans together about what ought to help you feel like you're functioning in a healthier ways. Some problems may be more easily treated when a medical doctor is also helping as well. Some problems do better when other family members are involved. Sometimes you may not want your family members involved, and that's okay too. Healing happens better in a partnership!

Our Team

Karen Lacy, LCSW
Owner, Therapist

Karen and Mark have six amazing children, and eleven cute grandkids. Karen got her Bachelor's degree at USU in 1995 and her Master's Degree at the University of Utah  in 2001.

Mark Lacy, M.S
Office Administrator

Mark is a stay at home Dad, a free-lance photographer, and helps with scheduling and phone calls at Hope and Healing. He got his Master's Degree at USU in 1994.

Anna Whisler, LCSW

Anna is an experienced Clinical Social Worker. She also works as a crisis worker for Hope and Healing Therapy.

Our Offerings

Trauma work: (EMDR, Prolonged Exposure, Trauma Focused CBT.) Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health issues of all kinds.

Our Mission

At Hope and Healing, we focus on helping children, teens and adults have hope for healing and a better life!